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Managing Director's Message

Welcome to the Yanbu Industrial College (YIC). Being a technical college, YIC provides tremendous opportunities for its students to excel in a forward thinking and technology rich environment. This is the place where our graduates are nurtured in technical fields and provided latest learning materials in classrooms and labs to deal with new and developing concepts in real-world applications. A large part of YIC success comes from it’s highly caliber faculty members who see the challenges as an opportunity to develop a vibrant learning culture and prepare employment-ready graduates.

Improving the quality of education has become a key goal in order to improve educational matters of high quality for a contemporary education systems. YIC, being a progressive and dynamic Institution, has to meet and exceed rapidly evolving new challenges in the field of modern teaching and learning environment. The given set of goals can only be achieved through the dedicated support and active participation of faculty in a team-based culture.

In years to come, the key focus of YIC goals and objectives will remain student-centric i.e., focusing on teaching and assessment methodologies through active participation using the best available computing technology lead learning tools and packages. Competency focused learning at YIC is a must requirement in any modern educational system of scientific knowledge across the globe.

It is important to know that majority of our programs are accredited by ETAC of ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc., USA) since 2009 and this accreditation is up to date. ABET accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for various academic programs worldwide.

For our industry collaborators, we enthusiastically welcome your interest and encourage you to visit YIC campus located in the industrial city of Yanbu. We are highly confident that academic programs at YIC will meet your professional and intellectual aspirations. Coop and summer training programs at YIC are just few channels to stay in contact with our academic staff and students.

As Managing Director, I am extremely proud of my staff who are dedicated to take on challenges. I am honored to lead a team of people who are not just about making something happen, but making something better. This is an exciting endeavor as we continue to enhance our programs to maintain national eminence.


Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghamdi
Managing Director
Yanbu Industrial College