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The Education Development Center (EDC) has adapted itself to meet the changing and demanding challenges through the years to provide high quality Learning and Teaching programs to improve student learning outcomes through development of improved teaching practice. The center’s main role is to deliver and manage academic development programs for teaching staff and respond to emerging professional development needs.

The Faculty Development Program (FDP), operated by the EDC, has four consecutive learning and teaching courses delivered to cohorts of 16 staff across a timeline of two years. Using a two-phase model (‘capability- building’ and ‘capability-embedding’), the EDC has enabled to deliver the program independently since 2011. Thus far, the EDC has delivered the four FDP programs to about 212 teaching staff across the colleges & institutes. The courses that have been delivered are 9 Teaching & Learning Methods; 5 Assessment Drives Learning; 5 Design for Effective Learning and 2 Advanced Approaches to Learning & Teaching.

Keeping abreast with educational technological developments, the center continues to provide seminars and workshops via its Just-In-Time-Training, management skills and other related educational programs that address particular needs of the Colleges and Institutes sector. The center also aspires other activities such as Educational Research, Pilot Projects, Curriculum Course Grant and Learning Innovation Award across the Colleges and Institutes sector.