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Academic Roadmaps

YIC offers flexible programs structures and pathways that allow diversified specializations responsive to the changing needs of the marketplace. Our programs are well-design to provide a clear education path that will lead to successful completion of degree according to students' preference. The stagged design of our degree programs allows students to plan their study according to their own capability.

Foundation Year Program

Foundation Program is an entry level program that spans for two semesters with the aim to provide an orientation to new students, particularly school leavers, helping them to prepare themselves for college work and to plan for their specializations.

 As the medium of instruction at Yanbu Industrial College is English, one of the objectives of this program is to enhance English language proficiency to a level which enables them to undertake undergraduate studies. The program also reviews and reinforces students’ abilities in Mathematics in preparation for technical courses in Engineering Technology. 
During the Foundation Year Program, students take compulsory courses for two full semesters. 
The following is an outline of the foundation year curriculum for student. Upon successful completion of the Engineering Technology Foundation Year Program, the student becomes eligible to select any one of the available Associate Degree programs and specializations in Chemical, Electrical Power, Electronics and Instrumentation, Mechanical or Geomatics Engineering Technology Departments.
ENG 001 English I  8
GS 011 Academic Study Skills 2
PE 001 Physical Education I 1
ENG 002 English II  8
MATH 010 Pre-Calculus 5
PE 002 Physical Education II 1


Associate Degree

 Upon completing the Foundation Year program, students will advance to the Associate Degree program where they can choose from a range of specialized field according to their interest. The specialization fields offered by YIC includes

Process Operation and Chemical Analysis Technology CHET
Electrical Power Technology EPET
Electronics Technology EIET
Instrumentation and Control Technology EIET
Geomatics Technology GET
Mechanical Maintenance Technology MET
Manufacturing Technology MET

The duration for completing associate degree program is 2 years (4 semesters). For more information about the associate degree programs, please visit the respective department page.

Bachelor Degree

Bachelor Degree programs are optional path for students who have completed their associate degree at YIC. They provide opportunity for students to advance their education to a full degree in their area of specialization. YIC offers programs at the bachelor degree level in the following areas

BS in Chemical Engineering Technology CHET
BS in Electrical Power Engineering Technology EPET
BS in Electronics Engineering Technology EIET
BS in Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technology EIET
BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology MET

The duration for completing bachelor degree program is 2 years (4 semesters) after completing associate degree. For more information about the bachelor degree programs, please visit the respective department page.

Self-Sponsored Student

YIC offers any aspiring students to improve their education qualification despite having full time work commitment. Depending on their academic qualification, they can sign-up for  Bachelor Degree programs to study on "part-time" basis. The benefits that YIC provides is that those students will have less number of credits to be taken in one semester and classes are conducted in the evening (after common office hour). Nevertheless, student can opt for day classes as well if it doesn't clash with their working schedule.
However, this category of students is self-sponsored, which means students are responsible to pay their own tuition fee. Student must register for a minimum of 6 credit hours. The fee for the study programs is according to the following structure:
  • Engineering Technology programs – SAR 750/credit hour (SAR 4,500 for minimum of 6 credit hours per semester)

The fee is paid in advance before the commencement of the semester. Students are required to pay the fees in cash and collect the receipt at the following address:

Room Number 219, Finance department
Second floor, Administration building,
Yanbu Industrial College,
PO Box 40436
Yanbu Al-Sinaiyyah, Yanbu, Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia

Entry into YIC program is competitive and the requirements for admission are intended to ensure that students possess sufficient skills to pursue the program and benefit significantly from the total learning experience.

The admission requirements are the same as those of regular programs. Admission for self-sponsor students goes through the similar procedure as those of regular program. However, note that the application opening timeframe for self-sponsored student may not be the same as that of regular students.