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Academic Departments

The YIC campus is home to five academic departments (faculties) and Educational Supporting Units with qualified and experienced faculty member. Most of the programs offered by these departments are accredited by ETAC of ABET Inc.


The Department of Chemical Engineering Technology offers unique instructional programs at its Associate and Bachelor levels, of extra-ordinary quality, which blends Chemical Engineering and Technology courses, well designed to cater the growing needs of the kingdom in Petroleum and Petrochemical industries. The Department also offers tailor-made programs of flexible duration for industries to cater for the needs of industrial employees/ trainees at all levels. It has the vast experience of conducting such special programs for SABIC, PETRO RABIGH and SAFRA companies. Graduates of the CHET Department are well placed in the best of the kingdom’s reputed industries and a good number of them successfully secured admissions to graduate schools and universities abroad.

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As the name implies the EIET department imparts knowledge and skills in the fields of Electronics and Instrumentation Technologies enabling the Saudi Arabian Youth to assume entry level positions in its industrial realm and establishments. The EIET department is known for its technical resources, instructional infrastructure, and qualified and diverse teaching faculty to transform high school graduates into well trained Electronics and Instrumentation technicians and engineering technologists. All our labs are fully equipped with the state-of-the-art training equipment and associated software like LabView, MatLab, and MultiSim. The graduates of the EIET department demonstrate the required level of potential in analysis, design, and implementation of Electronics and Instrumentation Systems after assuming their careers. They can build, install, test, operate, maintain and troubleshoot Electronics and Instrumentation Systems.

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The Electrical Power Engineering Technology (EPET) department provides knowledge in contemporary Electrical Technology required in today’s global marketplace. The students are exposed to modern concepts applicable in a variety of industries in the area of Power Generation and Transmission, Electrical Installation, Troubleshooting and, Maintenance of Electrical equipments & systems.

Our students receive hands-on-laboratory experience as part of the curriculum. Our modern laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment so that the students are in a position to shoulder responsible positions in industry upon graduation.

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Geomatics Engineering Technology Department aims to produce Saudi industrial market with workforce in Geomatics engineering technology, an emerging engineering and information technology field that comprises of the collection, analysis, modeling, mapping, interpretation, distribution, management, and use of geo-spatial data collected using land, marine, airborne and satellite based sensors through surveys for mapping the Earth surface. Geomatics engineering technology is the synergy of multiple disciplines, namely surveying Geographic Information System (GIS), remote sensing, photogrammetry, cartography, Global Positioning System (GPS) and geodesy. The diversity and new technology involved in Geomatics add flavor to the excitement of studying process. Students have the opportunity to pursue a variety of interests within the Geomatics disciplines including working outdoors and indoors.

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The Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology started its Manufacturing Technology program in 1991 and Mechanical Maintenance Technology program in 1994 because of an enormous demand for graduates in these fields from the local industry. In 2005, the Bachelor degree program in Mechanical Engineering Technology was introduced by the MET department that has a long record of academic achievements, manifested by its commitment to excellence in practical teaching and hands on training experiences, meeting the requirements of all the stakeholders of the program. The fundamental objectives of Mechanical Engineering Technology department are to provide appropriate technical training to the students to cover the industrial requirements for competent manpower. The department has a pool of highly specialized team of faculty members and extensive collaboration with many leading universities all around the world.
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